On The Importance Of Photographs

On The Importance Of Photographsfeatured

Heritage Photos || SimpleBrightLife.com

A peak inside my first heritage album. I made it in 2006. Can you tell I was very into collage? Pictured at top: My Great-Grandparents on my Mom’s side (her Mom’s parents.) Bottom photo: My Yia-Yia (grandma in Greek) is standing in the back row on the right. We think this was around 1918 and most likely a class photo from the 6th grade. Snapped in Limassol, Cyprus where she was born and raised.


Heritage Photos || SimpleBrightLife.com

My Grandma (my Dad’s Mom) and her sisters and parents in South River, New Jersey. She is standing on the far left next to her Mom.


Heritage Photos || SimpleBrightLife.com

My parents when they were kids. 🙂


Looking at photographs is a joy, especially ones that are quite old; [I like referring to them as heritage photos.] I love seeing how people lived in years past. Whether the subject focused on your family or a stranger’s, these visual treats conjure up memories, stories, and emotions.

It’s a privilege to hear a person retelling what happened at a certain special moment captured in a picture – recalling events, people, and places – because they were there and lived it too. Or maybe they weren’t present, since it was before their time, and they are recounting the tale relayed to them by a friend or relative now gone.

Photos are some of my most prized possessions for one key reason: They hold a piece of our history from which we connect, learn, and share with each other and pass forward to future generations. They spark conversations and unlock memories of loved ones and bygone days. They inspire us to appreciate our history and how far we’ve come as well as a consider a perspective different from ours. Photographs are powerful and precious keepsakes which I cherish.


I will be working on an in-depth heritage album soon, tracing my ancestral roots farther than in the first album [and perhaps my husband’s too, if I’m feeling ambitious.] Has anyone had success in tracing their lineage? Are there particular resources which achieved the best results? All advice will be much appreciated as this will be a big undertaking.

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