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Santa’s yearly visits through the neighborhood were magical! [Photos c.1984-ish]

This Christmas Eve I sensed an excitement in the air which brought a huge smile to my face. I was thinking that children everywhere were feeling giddy with anticipation of Santa’s arrival and what Christmas morning may bring. It’s wonderful to witness the little ones experiencing the magic of this special season, their belief that a jolly soul comes from a distant place just to bring them a treat. I love to see them swept up in the spirit of the season, embracing old and new traditions alike: absent-mindedly singing along to classic carols and hymns, helping the adults bake cookies and holiday goodies, making handmade gifts to express their love, being dazzled by twinkling lights along neighborhood drives.

I too hold dear many of these things and try to keep them with me throughout the new year, until the next holiday season is upon us, restoring our hearts and wonder-o-meters to enjoy and celebrate once again. Although my feelings and beliefs have changed since moving into adulthood, I continue to cherish the precious moments and feelings which this season brings. My wish for you is to keep them in your heart all year long, this youthful spirit, full of wonder and hope.

P.S. I picked up a sweet picture book today by Peter Collington: On Christmas Eve. I’ve “read” it twice already. Hope you enjoy it too.


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