Take Time to Recharge…in 4 Small Steps

Take Time to Recharge…in 4 Small Stepsfeatured

How to Recharge in 4 Small Steps // SimpleBrightLife.com

It’s so important to give ourselves time to just be. I’m talking no screens whatsoever, no noise distractions; only me, myself, and I.

Alone with my thoughts. I had that chance this past weekend and man, was it good. The added bonus of being able to get away and have a change of scenery for a few days made me feel worlds away from home (even though it was just the next town over) and removed from current situations, and helped put things into perspective. I was reminded that time is precious and I can use it much more wisely than I have been. Some days I’m too tired, worn out, or unmotivated to accomplish much else after work, let alone flex the creative muscles. Yet somehow I muster enough energy to mindlessly scroll Instagram or Facebook for way too long, because it’s easy and seems like a quick fix. Most often I come away feeling blah, my remaining energy zapped.

How to Recharge in 4 Small Steps // SimpleBrightLife.com

Getting comfortable in a cozy easy chair or by a fireplace didn’t hurt either. Allowing myself to sit quietly and be alone with my thoughts felt amazing. I read for hours at a time – can’t remember the last time I let myself do that. Another highlight was stepping onto the balcony at different times of day to check out the skies’ changing clouds (it was a wonderfully overcast weekend in the desert!) and the awesome panoramic views. Honestly, I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to take a break from life’s obligations. no work, appointments, chores, or distractions. Just me. I had a taste of what things could be like, at least some of the time, if I wanted it enough. I came home on Sunday feeling rested and with a fresh outlook. I vowed to take small steps every day to better manage life’s stressors, including the addition of “recharge me” time, meaning no radio/tv/computer/phone. Only me with my thought-sicles. I might write, go on a walk, stretch, read, or just be; so long as there are no outside distractions. I’m doing it now and let me tell you, it’s amazing!

How to Recharge in 4 Small Steps // SimpleBrightLife.com

How to Recharge in 4 Small Steps // SimpleBrightLife.com

How to Recharge in 4 Small Steps // SimpleBrightLife.com

4 Small Steps to Recharge:

  • Set a timer the first few times. I suggest 15 minutes to start with. That way you don’t need to spend your “recharge me” time watching the clock or worrying about not having enough time to move on to the next task. [Do 5 to 10 minutes if that’s all you can fit on a particular day. Less time is better than no time!]
  • Turn off all electronic devices or put them to sleep. Set your phone on vibrate and don’t look at it unless a phone call comes through.
  • Go somewhere you find peaceful: a park bench, the backyard, a secluded cabin (wishful thinking). Or, set up a mini-oasis, a comfy spot in your home.
  • Do something that brings you joy and/or something you miss. For instance, roam around outside, grab a book and a cup-a, do something crafty or creative, or simply close your eyes and daydream.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself craving more recharge time. I’ve found it to be true after less than an hour of down time. By incorporating this into your life, the goal is an increase in personal satisfaction and a decrease in stress.

Would you be willing to implement recharge time into your daily or weekly routine? What has worked best for you in the past?


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