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“The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears, or the sea.”

– Isak Dinesen

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I love this quote. It speaks to me on a few different levels. Hubs and I were on vacation a week ago and spent lots of time on the beach. The salty air and water put some pep in our step and relaxed us. Months-old dry spots on my toes are now healed from tidal walks. Memories of how the sea spray felt and smelled are fresh in my mind, making the transition back to the hot, dry desert heat more bearable.

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A book of my favorite quotes, made by yours truly.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than having a good cry. I checked it off the list right before the trip, and let me tell you, it felt great to liberate a bunch of blubbering emotions. At least once per year is optimal to express a few or several emotions in a steady stream and even talk it out with a kind ear. And remember: Allowing the tears to flow doesn’t necessarily equal a ticket to Bummerville. That type of release can be very beneficial to our well-being.

Salt Water Quote ||

Snapped by Alan Gipe

Lastly, let’s not leave out the importance of the “sweat” part. A brisk walk through the neighborhood, a solid fitness regimen, or the exertion of elbow grease into a task are super ways to physically cleanse the body, clear the mind, and receive a boost of those valuable endorphins.

Does this quote speak to you? What acts as your salt water? I’d love to hear.


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