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It has been tough lately –

Making strides, then getting knocked backwards.

Starting again – frustrated, weary

[Thought I passed this point…

It’s back again?!]

Won’t give up – This too, shall pass…

You’ll come out stronger than before.

Discouragement is in my cup, but that’s not all.

Hope is in there too, sprinkled with determination and mixed with tenacity.

Obstacles, mountains, roadblocks –

They are part of this strange, wild journey that we’re all traveling.

These things may pause us, they may hurt us or shake our will…

…but they are part of the process. [Well, dang.]

When we stumble, or fall, or fail…

We can rest, and recover, and pick ourselves up.

Sometimes it gets worse before it gets better, and isn’t it something how it does just that?

[Especially the “better” part?! Always seems like it won’t happen, but it does.]

That’s all fine and dandy, and I sure have learned a lot through these trials, but…

[Hurry up and release me.]

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P.S. Getting back into listening to Sharon Jones + The Dap Kings recently has added that extra dose of pep and motivation that I needed, especially after a long day. Give them a listen here. There’s so much great stuff to choose from. Sink your teeth into it [or your ears], and cut a rug!


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