Next Up…Autumn!

Next Up…Autumn!featured

Autumn Mini Scrap Paper Garland by

I was obsessed last year & made a bunch of mini autumn garlands…

Autumn Mini Scrap Paper Garland by

…and, once again this year, put them up all over the house. šŸ˜‰

Autumn Mini Scrap Paper Garland by SimpleBrightLife.comAutumn Leaves Paper Garland by

Upcycled Book Page Pumpkin by

Another fun project I made after moving out west: Upcycled Book Page Pumpkin. Variations of this idea can be found from several different sources on Pinterest.

Book Page Wreath & Fall Scrap Paper Garland by

This is the garage door facing inside the dining area – it’s my favorite decor combo yet. I had a blast making the upcycled book page wreath. This project idea is from The Nesting Place (

I’m so excited that fall is here!

Even though it’s still reaching into upper 90-degree temps here, I’m sticking with what the calendar says and the hope of an imminent cool-down. Autumn is my favorite season for many reasons: leaves changing to brilliant hues of orange, green, red, and gold; the crisp feeling in the air; pumpkin beer season(!); cooking with autumnal spices as the cool air breezes in (because I’m opening all the windows!); warm blankets; spiced apple cider; and cozy times by the firepit. Since it’s a mild season here in the desert as compared with my years in New Jersey and Virginia, I like to celebrate it a bit extra. Living in a climate which has mostly mild seasons (except for summer, of course!) I appreciate every moment and hint of autumn that the season has to offer. I realize now that I often took seasons and their obvious characteristics for granted in the past. Moving from the east coast to the western desert makes me savor even the smallest nods to seasonal shifts and that which I find precious. The heat is beginning to diminish, and soon it will be gone until next summer (and hopefully not before).

This will be my third autumn here, and I intend to enjoy it, share it, and savor it by gathering memories along the way. I will snap one photo celebrating each day of fall – (and I won’t cut it short when December begins, either!) – and post them daily on Instagram @SimpleBrightLife.Ā Come along with me and fall into autumn (see what I did there?!). Use the #SBL90daysofautumn to join in the festivities. šŸ™‚

Autumn Leaves c. 1987 on

Autumn Fun! Circa 1987




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