My First Day of Freedom!*

My First Day of Freedom!*featured

*[Originally written on June 7th, 2016.]

6:50am – Wake up with the former “work” alarm.

7:10 – Breakfast with Opie.

7:45 – After Opie leaves for work, take a walk around the block.

8:15 – Put in a load of laundry.

8:25 – Make smoothies. [Today’s combo: cinnamon, turmeric, (ground) ginger, spinach, mixed berries, + pineapple blended with coconut water + fresh-squeezed lemon juice.]


8:45 – Called far-away friends (it’s already noon-ish EST).

10:00 – Fold laundry.

10:30 – Stretch. [Aaahh…]

10:45 – Snack time…and I may have watched an episode of Louie, too.

11:30 – Return a phone call to a friend.

12:20pm – Watch The Chew. [I’ve been looking forward to being able to watch this show for weeks!]

12:45 – Make lunch [heat up leftovers], eat, + watch more Louie. [Hey, I’m on vacation!]


2:30 – Change sheets on bed.

2:45 – Stretch + putter around the house a bit.

3:40 – Rest/Power Nap

4:25 – Get up. Eat an energizing snack. [Nuts, fruit, yogurt.]

4:50 – Dance it out! [A fun way to trick myself into exercising!]


5:15 – Begin preparing + cooking dinner. [Lots of oven time: First, roast the carrots + onions. Next, cook the chicken.]

In between time – Clean out the “junk drawer” in the kitchen. [Recycle most of the “essential” owners manuals.]

7:00 – Dinnertime!

8:00 + Beyond – Watch one of my all-time favorite shows, Parks + Rec. Clean up, + finish loading dishwasher. Check email + read newsletters/articles sent by my favorite bloggers. Stretch, shower, + read.

11:30pm – Bedtime. [Earlier than usual…Yesss!!]

Tomorrow, I hope to add an evening walk after the sun sets + only when the temperature drops below 100 degrees [ugh!], subtract some TV time, + add some crafting time: [home + art projects are calling my name]. I’ve been employed in some capacity since I was 16, so this will be a nice break, and undoubtedly a well-varied experience!


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