The Best Day Ever?! Let’s Hope Not.

The Best Day Ever?! Let’s Hope Not.featured

Heaps Of Best Days |

Heaps Of Best Days |

Watching Donna and Joe tie the knot on Parks & Rec (a smart, witty, thoughtful TV show) got me thinking about my and Opie’s wedding day. It was back in the days of when I was dealing with (then-chronic) health issues on a daily basis. However I was too excited and joyful to let that put a damper on our special day.

Then I thought of how so many of us put tons of pressure on ourselves to have the “perfect” wedding day or the best time ever, creating unrealistic expectations which are sure to end in disappointment. Too often we miss out on the good stuff as it’s happening, fixating on what went wrong, who didn’t show up, or the gossip overheard by the snack table. If our goal is to zero-in on the negative bits of a situation, we will surely succeed. Even if it’s not obvious at first, it’s easy for the brain to distort something into a negative light. Similarly, if we work to find the positive elements of something, it will work just as well. Truthfully, everything is on a level playing field until we choose to segregate and label it all. We decide to view something or someone as positive or negative, based on appearance, actions, or even hearsay. How we choose to see things is not necessarily what they truly are.

In the past I often put an abundance of unnecessary pressure on this one party/day/moment in time causing me to obsess about it beforehand, effectively selling the present moment short. The highly anticipated event would come and go, and even if all went well, it would be straight to Sadsville afterwards, because the next occasion is months away! I did myself and those around me a disservice by exercising that attitude. As life progressed, I adopted the belief that life does in fact consist of many brilliant little moments, maybe even several times a day and not just a few times a year!

I can say without a doubt that our wedding ceremony was one of the most special moments in my life, one which I cherish and remember fondly. That being said, I hope it’s not the greatest moment or the best day ever.

I made positive life-changing decisions during the years before hubs and I met, as well as experiencing awesome stuff along the way and since we got together. I hope to have many more special, great moments and days in my lifetime. If we reserve all the greatness solely for a few select occasions, we will miss out on the precious day-to-day moments which are begging us to be appreciated. When it’s all said and done, I hope I’m unable to pinpoint the single greatest day or milestone in my lifetime. I’d rather look back on countless excellent times in my life.

Heaps Of Best Days |


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