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Mantra Monday: Be The Best You ||

The Past Me was unfair to mantras and inspirational quotes, writing them off as cheesy. The Present Me still thinks some are lame, but knows their meaning is up to interpretation and where we are in life. What may not resonate with us now, may mean something down the road as our experiences and perspectives change.

Don’t worry – I won’t get all hippy-dippy on you, but I do place some stock in the power of mantras and their ability to change us. When we repeat a mantra, it makes an impression on us, whether we realize it or not. We begin to believe what we are saying, and our behavior changes. Hopefully the mantra is beneficial to us and adds value to our days, thereby adding value to those we interact with as well.

I remind myself to repeat one aloud a few times a week for an addictive boost of encouragement, reassurance, and energy as time trucks along its path.

The sugar-free rush of good vibes along the way is an unexpected bonus.

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