The Simple Bright Life Shop is Open on Etsy!

The Simple Bright Life Shop is Open on Etsy!featured

Simple Bright Life on Etsy

Exciting news in my creative career: My shop is now OPEN on Etsy! šŸ™‚ Here is the link:


3 Ways to Browse My Shop:

  • the direct link here (and written out, above)
  • go to and type Simple Bright Life into the Search box
  • here on my website:
    • at the top menu bar, click on the Treat Shop
    • -OR-
    • at the right sidebar menu, click on the Etsy icon


Please spread the word to those whom you think may be interested in treating themselves or a loved one to a unique, handcrafted item. I take pride in sharing my positive experiences with those which I think may find value in a particular restaurant, product, or service. Likewise, the opinion and experience shared by a friend goes a long way and is sometimes just the right amount of encouragement that I need to try something new. I’ve had great success in finding quality handmade goods, services, and dining based on word-of-mouth kudos from people who have tried it already.

I value your feedback too, so please leave a comment below, or privately here on my contact page.

A sincere thanks for your support and encouragement!

P.S. I will steadily add new items to my shop, so be on the lookout for more announcements here on the website, and via the SBL newsletter.


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