Shop Opening Soon!

Shop Opening Soon!featured

My shop is opening SOON, and I am so excited!! šŸ™‚

It’s step three of my major goals to grow a creative career.

Here they are so far:

  • Step One: Build a basic website.
  • Step Two: Begin writing and blogging. (I could not have anticipated how much fun this would be!)
  • Step Three: Open my own handmade shop online.
  • Step Four: TBA…

Here’s a sneak peek into my upcoming shop:

My Shop Is Opening Soon! /

I like the challenge of finding beauty and interest in ordinary, everyday objects which have already served their original purpose. For instance, a discarded bottle cap remains a strong, intricately designed object and can now become the focal point of a unique, personalized key ring or piece of jewelry. An outdated map can be reshaped and altered into a funky, inspirational art piece.

More to come soon!


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