Season of Joy and Wonderment: A Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIY

Season of Joy and Wonderment: A Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIYfeatured

Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIY /

A few years ago, as I was settling comfortably into the 30’s, I had a realization that I missed the magic and excitement I’d felt as a kid

in the weeks and days leading up to Christmas. The day itself went by all too quickly before it was time to gear up for New Year’s. As kids, our belief in Santa Claus created heaps of anticipation and energy. Plus there was plenty of time to try out new toys, play games, and run around in the snow. As an adult, besides the magic and mystery surrounding Santa, I realized the things I most enjoyed about Christmas were not actually things – they were experiences we had together all month long. I loved celebrating the holiday season by baking Christmas-themed cookies and candy with my mom, sister, and sometimes the grandmas. It was relaxing, fun, and a neat way to create something all together. I have fond memories of going with my dad to the same tree farm each year to pick out the perfect one, then bracing the tree while he cut it down. Mom would make punch out of ginger ale, fruit punch, and sherbet paired with snacks and tree decorating. I recall feeling so grown up and fancy ladling punch out of the large bowl and into my cup. Today I still hold dear many of the same traditions and activities, as well as adding some new ones of my own: Going to see a movie on the 26th; Driving throughout neighborhoods for twinkle light spying; Checking out a small town Christmas-themed parade (this year will be my first.)

I’ve enjoyed several types of advent calendars over the years: a cardboard wreath with paper doll kids from around the world; The Peanuts and A Charlie Brown Christmas; a nativity scene. However I wanted to try something different this year. I’d seen a few takes on handmade advent calendars with each day revealing an activity to do; I liked the idea and decided to put my own twist on it. I picked out some festive paper from my stash, sliced a few strips, and wrote down my favorite ways to celebrate the holiday season. I don’t need to check them all off or assign each to specific days – there is no pressure or expectation attached. I’ll definitely complete a few, maybe several, but probably not all of the activities – and that’s okay. This *un-calendar is here on the wall to serve as a reminder of what makes this season of joy so magical and thrilling, year after year.

*Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIY

Materials and Tools:

  • festive acid-free papers of your choice — I used “Jingle Dots – Green” from the Christmas Is… collection by Cloud 9 Design // “Reindeer Games” from the Flurries & Frost collection by Deja Views // ornament die-cut from the Tinsel collection by Making Memories
  • baker’s twine
  • extra-fine point marker
  • paper trimmer or scissors
  • 1/4″ square foam adhesives
  • Scotch tape


Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIY /

Select some festive papers to best represent your holiday mood!

Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIY /

Jot down all the activities you like to do during this season. I wrote them down on scrap paper first.

Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIY /

Use a paper trimmer or decorative scissors to cut them out.

Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIY /

Lay out the activity strips first. Then secure them with foam adhesive squares for added dimension and interest. I used two foam squares per paper strip, one on each end.

Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIY /

Add an embellishment or two.

Simple Holiday Appreciation Un-Calendar DIY /

[CRAFTY TIP: Secure the large sheets of paper with Scotch tape on the back. Test on a small area first to ensure it does not damage the wall.]

Done! It’s that simple. Now all that’s left to do is walk by and enjoy. Whichever holiday(s) you celebrate, I hope this un-calendar adds to the merriment. šŸ™‚



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