Redo: Dismantling a Project and Starting Over

Redo: Dismantling a Project and Starting Overfeatured

*This is the first installment in my “Handcrafted” series. 🙂

Redo: Dismantling a Project and Starting Over //

A few years ago I started making an album of Opie’s and my honeymoon trip. We were married in 2007 and left on our trip the next day…so

I’m just a bit behind. Anywho, originally I was using a standard top-loading square album with glossy page covers. When the mood struck me and I decided to dive in and try to make a visible dent in the project, I realized I no longer liked the overall look of the album. In theory there was nothing wrong with it; I just felt it didn’t reflect us, the mood of our trip, or my handmade aesthetic. So I did something I rarely do – I took the whole thing apart and started over. Even though it would be more work and labor for me, I decided to design my own album from scratch. I chose the measurements of the pages and the type of paper to use. I tailor-made it all because it felt right, and for that reason it’s worth the additional time and effort.

Looking back, I wanted to do this in the past with different ventures in my life, but I didn’t because of what it takes to start over. Now, I am willing to follow my instincts and start over in order to achieve a desirable result. I’m giving myself permission to try something more than one way – even if the first way is not technically wrong – and not being too hard on myself if mistakes or happy accidents(!) occur along the way. This is a natural part of the creative process – really, any process – and it’s the good, substantial part.

Oftentimes we are our own worst critic, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When we ease up and allow ourselves to create, experiment, and try, some of our best ideas, thoughts, and works are able to wriggle free and emerge.

Is there a work in progress that you’re thinking of starting over? Have you resisted your instincts in the past, or did you go with the redo?



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