3 Easy Steps To Find Your Creative Outlet

3 Easy Steps To Find Your Creative Outletfeatured


Every single one of us needs an outlet; an escape from the day-to-day obligations, the to-do list, and the appointments. I am speaking specifically about one that involves creating something, and the act of doing so brings you joy. Disclaimer: Everyone is creative.

I’ve heard people say this person is very creative, or that person is not at all. That’s bull. We all have the ability to be creative. It’s simply a matter of finding the thing(s) you are interested in and which bring you happiness/peace/satisfaction. That’s all there is to it. So give yourself a break.

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How To Find It

1. What would you choose to do/make/create if you could pick anything? Write down the first thing that comes to your mind. Then jot down the second and third, too. [It’s good to have options and not feel tethered to any one activity, even a “for fun” one.]

—>Here are some ideas:

  • Coloring -> [This trend won’t die, although some of us wish it would. Regardless, it’s undeniable that coloring proves to be a relaxing activity with very low-maintenance. Tons of coloring books geared towards adults are on the market.]
  • Stenciling + Painting -> [So many fun options: paint-by-number; water colors; painting an unfinished wooden or ceramic item; stenciling or painting a card, wall art, or furniture.]
  • Sculpting -> [free-form, with molds, or try using cookie cutters]
  • Drawing + Sketching
  • Writing -> [all sorts of stories, screenplays, letters, journaling]
  • Memory Keeping -> [scrapbooking, photo altering, recording family history]
  • Collage
  • Sewing -> [embroidery, cross stitch, needle point, knitting]

And those just scratch the surface. There are countless options and lots require minimal supplies which can be found on-hand at home or at your local hobby or craft shop. Find what brings you joy – not stress – and dive in.

2. Focus on your #1 choice first. Gather the minimum necessary materials in order to try it out. Look around at home to see if you already have some supplies on hand. If not, take a trip to your nearby craft or hobby shop. In need of some in-depth/expensive equipment? Check your city/town for resources which you may rent or use for free. [IE: A ceramics studio at the local community college.] If you are learning from scratch, check your library for how-to books and DVDs, as well as nearby colleges and craft stores for classes. [One of the crafts stores in my neighborhood offers a monthly calendar of classes, ranging from painting to wood burning, and the prices are reasonable.]

3. Find a spot in your home, backyard, at the park, or wherever you feel comfortable. Adjust the comfort level [temperature, lighting, and noise levels] to where you can focus on the activity at hand with minimal distraction. Do it at a relaxed pace – [after all, this is for your own enjoyment, and not to fulfill a deadline] – and get carried away…

What is your creative outlet? How often do you practice it, and why did you choose it?

stress relief / relaxation / wellness / 3 Easy Steps to Find Your Creative Outlet - SimpleBrightLife.com



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